First Fruits Invitation

Dear Friends in Christ,
Last Sunday we announced $387,820 in three-year over-and-above commitments to our Making Room campaign. We have received 41 additional commitment cards since then and are still waiting on approximately 38 more. What a great victory for us as we pursue our God-given vision of expanding this church to reach more people in the community for Christ!
Perhaps you are wondering, "Where do we go from here?" Glad you asked. On Saturday, June 4 from 11:30 - 2, we will have our annual church picnic at Settles Bridge Park where we will celebrate the success of our Making Room campaign with our congregation. Sunday, June 5 has been designated Celebration/First-Fruits Sunday. This is the formal beginning of our giving to the Making Room campaign. The three-year giving period for the campaign begins June 1, 2016 and ends May 31, 2019. First Fruits is biblical, as we want to honor God with the best we have by bringing our First Fruits of our three-year commitment. We encourage you to bring as much "to the storehouse" as you feel led. If you can bring all of your total commitment; please do. If you can bring half of your total commitment; please do. If you can bring the first month or weeks' worth of your commitment; please do. If you are able to participate in this offering, it will be a blessing to Level Creek. If you are not able to participate, please know we understand.
From a practical standpoint, this offering will provide a surge of cash flow as we begin to absorb the costs of moving forward in this project. From a spiritual standpoint, it continues the Biblical pattern of giving we have followed in the campaign. First fruits acknowledge our reverence for God as our provider. If you have not made a commitment to the campaign, this might be an opportunity for you to make a special offering to the Making Room campaign.
Over the next several months our finance committee and building committee leaders will move forward with the lenders and building contractors so we can begin construction as soon as possible. We will report to you soon on their progress. On Sunday, June 19, we will hold a church conference to ratify the final plans for our expansion.

I believe we have only crossed the threshold into a future that is rich with opportunity. The dynamic of the Gospel, the needs of the community and the commitment of God's people all converge into a mission of eternal consequence. Thank you for joining us in this great spiritual journey. The adequacy of God's grace and the blessing of God's provision are the promised response to your faithfulness.
See you on First Fruits Sunday!

The Generosity Toolbox

Dear Level Creek Family,

What an exciting time this is at Level Creek UMC! Commitment Sunday, May 15th, is just around the corner and we have put together several items that will be helpful as you move towards a spiritual decision about your financial support of the Making Room campaign. Included in this Generosity Toolbox are:

I ask that you prayerfully consider all that you have received from God. Ask Him to guide you as you shape your three-year commitment over and above your regular giving. God is willing to work through you. Ask Him to reveal how!


Hebrews 13:2

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for in so doing some have entertained angels without knowing it.

Children are often given the instruction to make room for new friends, make room for new students, make room for new siblings. Since our early years we have been asked to share what we have, making room for another. Now we are being asked to make room as a church. The ministry of Level Creek UMC is expanding to make room for new friends in the community, new students of the faith, and new brothers and sisters in Christ. We are honoring those who made room for us as we continue to build a church upon the foundation of hospitality.

How can we make room? The Family Life Center was built with a future expansion in mind. We are fulfilling a dream placed on the heart of Level Creek by adding additions to both sides, to include 2 rooms for youth, 2 rooms for children, several new classrooms for adults and storage. The projected cost of the addition is $690,000 and once finished, our building will be expanded to make room for new ministries as well as new disciples of all ages.

The Making Room campaign is designed with the stranger in mind - offering a welcoming entrance, logical and structured parking, and clear meeting space for age-level ministries. Be in prayer for our church as we prepare for Commitment Sunday on May 15. Your faithfulness to the mission of the church will allow for new people moving into our community to discover the vital and vibrant ministry of Level Creek. We are a church committed to inviting others to join us in the calling to share the love of Christ. Making room is essential to our mission.