The first meeting of Level Creek United Methodist Church happened in the home of Jones Douglas.  


Level Creek UMC welcomed it's first "Circuit Minister" Rev. William Justice Parks and Log School House Master Phillips Lamar.


"After the crop was laid, notice was given to gather to build a meeting house. In a few days, a 30 x 40 foot hewn log structure with roof, floor, and doors mounted on wooden hinges was complete. With the exception of purchasing nails, everything was donated, including the plank floor."


The present sanctuary was built costing $1,000.00 with clapboard siding, a high arched ceiling and windows with clear glass and hinged at the top to swing out for summer ventilation.  


The first parsonage was built.


The present sanctuary was bricked, the ceiling dropped to accommodate heating and air conditioning ducts, classrooms were installed on both sides of the pulpit and the stained glass memorial windows were installed.


The Fellowship Hall was built and included classrooms, a kitchen and 2 restrooms and the parsonage was remodeled.


The second parsonage was built.


The O'Rouke Family Life Center was built on the site of the 1947 parsonage.


Construction began to expand the O'Rouke Family Life Center adding a Children and Youth wing and an Adult Studies wing. The new addition will add over 6500 square feet to our existing space. 

In 1822 in the home of Jones Douglas, Level Creek UMC began its ministry.  Throughout the past 195 years we have been consistently present in the Suwanee community, sharing God's love and serving God's people.  The church began with a passion for teaching the good news of Jesus Christ and God's great love for the world. Today, that same passion burns in the hearts of the people. Members of Level Creek are excited to be in ministry together and genuinely love and care for one another.  

We are proud to be continuing our service to God 193 years after we began!  Come and see all that God has done and is doing at Level Creek!  We hope you will join us and become a part of our story!

We welcome you to join us every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.